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Leo Vogel

I just got my new pipe today. WOW, it is just beautiful. It is almost too pretty to smoke. Everything went perfectly. Your site is just perfect. Thanks, Sinan, for your careful attention to detail!

posted Apr 04, 24

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Takaaki Koh

I thank you for your great craftsmanship that has inspired me to smoke with Mesham pipes.

posted Feb 21, 24

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Charlie Plebanek

Sinan, just wanted to let you know that I received my Lee Van Cleef pipe today and that it arrived in great condition. The color and workmanship is beautiful and I can see this pipe getting a lot of use. It will make a wonderful addition to my collection! Thank you for the beautiful pipe and smooth transaction.

posted Jan 20, 24

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Paul Vorvick

I received my pipe yesterday and it's beautiful! It smokes great too. Please send my compliments to the carver. Excellent work!

posted Apr 07, 23

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Arnas Kunavicius

I want to say big thank you to Sinan Altinok for his work. Hi is true master and artist of his craft. The pipe i got is true work off art. It not only lucks elegant and beautiful but smokes AMAZING! The mouth peace is comfortable too clench,and 9mm filter fits air tight and not loose. The airway is wide and open even with 9mm filter. I'm really happy to discover this shop. 5/5 stars.

posted Apr 06, 23

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Rev. Angelo J. Micciulla

This is the third pipe I have purchased from Altinok Pipes. I do have a few other meerschaum pipes, but they are not nearly as good as your pipes. The detail, the coloring, the sheer beauty of your pipes is worth every penny.

I am so glad I found your website, and I will be a loyal customer for years to come!!

posted Feb 02, 23

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Marc Blondin

Finally, I got my pipe, really beautiful. You're an artist. I will use it especially with natural (non-aromatic) english mixtures with latakias and oriental tobaccos.

posted Jan 27, 23

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Jason Jenkins

Not one to normally leave reviews, but after my search for the perfect first Meer which led me to this experience with Altinok, I felt obligated to share my story with the world. I have been on the search for my first Meer pipe for about 5 years. I have spent countless hours scouring the web trying to find the perfect pipe that would satisfy the years of anticipation I have endured in the search. Numerous times have I had a shopping carts online ready to go but I never pulled the trigger.

Then one day I found Altinok and fate showed kindness on me. They had a double stem pumpkin that just sang to me. It was a little more than I was hoping to spend, and the fact it was coming from a store in Turkey I could never just visit, gave me some hesitations. I could not have been more wrong in my hesitations. Shipping was fast. Turkey to Texas Coastal Bend in 4 days with express shipping, Awesome! Pipe was in immaculate condition, well packaged and exactly what I expected, Epic! Personally signed card wishing me Happy Smokes from Mr. Altinok himself, Priceless.

I will definitely be buying more pipes from him and will also do my best to encourage others to do so as well. Not enough words to convey my satisfaction and happiness over this purchase. There are plenty of online stores to purchase Meers from, but only one I have found that actually visits the mines and conveys the effort and skill that goes into producing fine quality pipes and also only selling those that meet their high standards.

As a Veteran of Foreign Wars I take my hat off to you Mr. Altinok and give you my highest regards. Thank you for making this experience as satisfying and pleasurable as it has been, Salud!

posted Oct 13, 22

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Richard Krumbein

I ordered my first Fancy Meershaum pipe from Sinan Altinok in Ankara, Turkey. What a wonderful experience dealing with Sinan. A real gentleman and outstanding customer service. The pipe arrived via DHL in 3 days. It was beautiful. Unfortunately I found a hairline stress crack in the shank. Hard to tell what happened or if it was a temperature variation during shipment. Regardless, I contacted Sinan to explain the issue. He immediately responded to select another pipe and he would send it at no charge. I selected a more expensive pipe and offered to pay the difference. Sinan would not accept the difference and was very apologetic about the issue. He shipped the replacement pipe last Friday and it arrived today.. Beautiful pipe and perfect.

The whole experience of dealing with Sinan Altinok has been great. Great merchant, great customer service and trust-worthy, and Sinan makes you feel confident about purchasing an expensive pipe half-way around the world. Will definitively buy again from Sinan.

posted Jun 15, 22

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Steven Harcourt

Altinok? The best. Brilliant service, beautifully crafted pipes, very organised and reliable firm. From the moment you purchase a pipe you're kept informed of the schedule, if emailing a question the reply is always quick and very helpful.

My favourite meerschaum company.
Steve :)

posted May 25, 22

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