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Zhifeng Han

The pipe I bought before has been received. It is very good. I can't bear to put it down because I like it! I have bought a few meerschaum pipes before, but none of them seem to compare to the one I bought from you. I can't help but sigh that there are such beautiful minerals in nature, and then being turned into a work of art by artists like you, the icing on the cake!

posted 04/17/2021

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JW Johnson

I contacted Sinan to request a build for a Morta pipe. We discussed the details and after agreement I presumed it would take extra time due to orders placed well in advance of mine. I was surprised to learn it would be approximately 30 days. Due to a particular request I did expected additional fees for a designed pipe. There was not. The standard cost for a Morta would be the same charge as my order. When the design was submitted Sinan informed me the pipe was being made. Throughout the construction Sinan continued to send information and photographs of the pipe in progress. He never hesitated to answer questions or provide any request I had.

After receiving the pipe I was overwhelmed with the quality and beauty. This is not just a pipe, it is art created by the best pipe and meerschaum carvers . The details are incredible. The angle of the stem and pipe body is perfect for me. The chamber size could not have been improved on, it is perfect. Everything is well fitted with precision.
Sinan added a tamper that I did not request, or expected. It was a great gift and adds a completed touch. The tamper was ordered through one of his friends who took a special interest because of Sinan’s request.

The pipe smokes very smooth with an easy draw, very tasteful flavor and cool with no moisture build up. This was my third pipe I purchased from Sinan and I have always been completely satisfied. I have 11 meerschaum pipes I purchased from a different seller. Although each pipe was carver by well known artists, Sinan goes beyond to ensure you are satisfied. It was a pleasure doing business, and will continue in the future. If you are looking to purchase, do not hesitate. It will be well worth your investment . Most importantly you will not be disappointed.

posted 03/17/2021

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Taki Voy

Your really beautyful pipe has arrived and I am delighted about it! I hope to hear again from you at my next order for another Altinok meerschaum pipe.

posted 03/16/2021

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Jonathan Gut

Beautiful silver and meerschaum pipe, exactly as presented on website. Fast shipping and heavily cushioned packaging. Sinan has the best meerschaum pipes, I won’t buy from anyone except Sinan Altinok.

posted 03/02/2021

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JW Johnson

I currently own 12 meerschaum pipes. All have been purchased from a different well known site.
Searching for another dealer I found Altinok. First I was impressed with the website, description of products , photographs , the master carvers and all information for purchase. Prior to my selection I sent a message to Sinan. Within a few hours I received a very professional response. I ordered two pipes. Delivery was fast and easy to track with the information Altinok provides. I was overwhelmed with the design, carving and finish of these pipes. The pictures on the site look incredible, and show great detail however, holding the pipes are beyond any expectations I had. It is difficult to give the correct words to express my satisfaction and quality of Altinok products. I will be ordering again, and with out hesitation will refer Altinok above any meerschaum dealer.
With great respect, jw

posted 01/14/2021

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