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Richard Krumbein

I ordered my first Fancy Meershaum pipe from Sinan Altinok in Ankara, Turkey. What a wonderful experience dealing with Sinan. A real gentleman and outstanding customer service. The pipe arrived via DHL in 3 days. It was beautiful. Unfortunately I found a hairline stress crack in the shank. Hard to tell what happened or if it was a temperature variation during shipment. Regardless, I contacted Sinan to explain the issue. He immediately responded to select another pipe and he would send it at no charge. I selected a more expensive pipe and offered to pay the difference. Sinan would not accept the difference and was very apologetic about the issue. He shipped the replacement pipe last Friday and it arrived today.. Beautiful pipe and perfect.

The whole experience of dealing with Sinan Altinok has been great. Great merchant, great customer service and trust-worthy, and Sinan makes you feel confident about purchasing an expensive pipe half-way around the world. Will definitively buy again from Sinan.

posted 06/15/2022

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Steven Harcourt

Altinok? The best. Brilliant service, beautifully crafted pipes, very organised and reliable firm. From the moment you purchase a pipe you're kept informed of the schedule, if emailing a question the reply is always quick and very helpful.
My favourite meerschaum company.
Steve :)

posted 05/25/2022

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Mitchell Fortney

I received the Meerschaum Pipe today and I am very happy with the pipe. It's a beautiful pipe and I look forward to smoking it for the first time. I see that the pipe was sent via courier (DHL) rather than regular post, which I really appreciate. As a result, I received the pipe way sooner than I expected. Thank you for shipping the pipe so quickly, and for your excellent customer service.

posted 10/18/2021

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Jonathan Gut

Beautiful bent Rhodesian with silver cap. Meerschaum is bright white and very light. Perfect size and balance, rest comfortably hanging from mouth. Ordered 10/10 and received 10/14, standard shipping from Turkey to US. Excellent customer service as always, best meerschaum pipes come from Sinan.

posted 10/15/2021

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Zhifeng Han

The pipe I bought before has been received. It is very good. I can't bear to put it down because I like it! I have bought a few meerschaum pipes before, but none of them seem to compare to the one I bought from you. I can't help but sigh that there are such beautiful minerals in nature, and then being turned into a work of art by artists like you, the icing on the cake!

posted 04/17/2021

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