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Mike Shute

Arrived in < 7 days to the US. Well packaged and more impressive in my hand vs. the pic. Looking forward to smoking it this week. Great transaction. Greatly appreciated.

posted 09/05/2018

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Raymond Mackessy

I received my Santa Claus meerschaum pipe and I'm very pleased with not only the beauty of the detailed carving and engineering but also the way it smokes. My sincere thanks to Sinan for the great customer service and to Ertugrul Cevher who carved the pipe. I will cherish this pipe to the end of my days and will hand it down to my children , who then, in time, will hand it down to their children. I highly recommend buying your next pipe from Altinok Pipes. I look forward to purchasing another pipe from Altinok Pipes in the future.

posted 07/06/2018

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I bought the Leaves Of Life 9mm meerschaum pipe several months ago. It's a comfortable pipe with a good draw, feel of hand, large bowl, carvings and stem work. The coloring has been quick an easy, and hands down, the fastest coloring meerschaum pipe I have. Just bought 2 more for my collection and look forward to them. Thanks! Now I am 3 pipes closer to the 5-day set!

posted 04/30/2018

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Joseph Mondello

I ordered two custom pipes -- one was a replica of an intricate briar Baldo Baldi and the other was a bust of my beloved beagle. Both pipes turned out beautifully and are great and durable smokers. The bust of my dog must have been particularly difficult to capture in meerschaum, but Sinan was extremely accommodating to make sure the pipe was a true representation of Willie.

posted 03/24/2018

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Luca Guerra

The pipe has finally arrived and I like it very much. Thanks and have a good day!

posted 03/15/2018

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