Delivery Information







General Rules

  • Our store/shipping place is located in Ankara, Turkey
  • We ship worldwide where the local postal services are on duty
  • We normally ship any order next business day unless you ordered a custom-made product or wholesale
  • Our web store calculates the shipping cost based on total cart weight by your geo-zone automatically
  • Our web store picks up the best available shipping methods by your geo-zone automatically and submits to choose one on final checkout page
  • Any taxes, additional charges or legal formalities that could be applied by local customs and couriers have to be cleared by the purchaser
  • Altinok Pipes will not be responsible of any loss or damage that may occur during Standard shipping





In domestic orders, we ship with domestic couriers. They normally deliver next day within the country. Shipping cost should be paid to the courier on delivery (COD).

(Turkish language): Yurtici siparislerde paketler kargo firmasi ile gonderilir. Kargo ucreti alici tarafindan kapida odenir.





In international orders, we ship in two different ways:

  • Standard Shipping
  • Express Shipping


Standard Shipping:


Cost example (worldwide): $19 up to 0.5 kg (eg. 1 or 2 standard size pipe)

  • No insurance
  • No real time tracking


Delivery times (estimated)


Europe :  1-2 weeks
North America :  2-3 weeks
South America :  2-3 weeks
Asia :  2-3 weeks
Africa :  2-3 weeks
Far East & Oceania :  3-4 weeks










Express Shipping:


Cost example (North America): $64 up to 0.5 kg (eg. 1 or 2 standard size pipe)

  • Full insurance
  • Real time tracking
  • Requires signature on delivery
  • Requires open address only (no POB address is accepted)
  • In some countries, additional charges may apply (ie brokerage fee)


Delivery times (guaranteed)


Europe :  1-2 days
North America :  2-3 days
South America :  2-4 days
Asia :  3-5 days
Africa :  3-5 days
Far East & Oceania :  3-7 days



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