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Dr. Thomas M. Smith

The pipe arrived in perfect condition, and the first experience with it (smoking) was excellent. You have a superb product! Thank you so much.

posted 09/28/2017

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Robert Rice

Sinan, I received the Lee Van Cleef pipe today. Wow!! Went on line looked at all the pics and scenes from the movie. Kudos to your Artisan! He nailed it! Could not be more happy. Thank you, from the great state of Texas. No doubt I will get lots of compliments and you and your artisan will get future orders.

posted 08/11/2017

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Jeff Penny

Sinan, my pipe arrived here today, perfect, as well packaged as I could have hoped for, excellent item too. I couldn't have wished for better service, or a better pipe. I'll be back for another next month (reverse eagle claws, if still in stock), and I'll most definitely be recommending you to any and everyone. Very best wishes and thanks to you!

posted 07/04/2017

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Robert Ford

I bought a Lee Van Cleef pipe and it is outstanding! The bowl is good size, drilling is bang on, and it just feels right as I smoke it. The draw is open and smooth. The pipe is light in weight. I really can find nothing wrong with the pipe except I only have one lol. If you have debated or thinking about getting one. My advice is just buy it you will love. It. Besides feeling like your Lee while smoke it is priceless!!

Thank you,

posted 07/02/2017

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Stephen Healey

I sent my pipe from the US to Turkey to make sure I had some minor repairs done right, along with some requested improvements. Very happy to say I have my favorite pipe back and it smokes beautifully, TY!

posted 06/30/2017

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