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Dan Cimbora

Sinan, just received the Melon pipe today. Gorgeous and smokes great!! It’s my first meer and I’m very pleased.

Thank you!

posted 02/12/2018

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佐藤 しお (Shio Satoh)

The pipe (NT1002) arrived in Toyama Japan today.

It's more beautiful than I imageined :]

Thank you for your great creation!

posted 02/11/2018

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George McCormick

I'll keep this as brief as possible. The packaging was well-done, shipping was quick and efficient, and the silk-lined red case was an especially nice touch. Moving onto the pipe itself... the craftsmanship is so detailed and beautiful, as well as accented by the crimson red stem. This "Cobra" fits very comfortably in my mouth, as well as feeling like a good hefty-sized pipe. The air hole/chamber creates a nice smooth draw, and I could not be happier. Thank you so much for corresponding with me, and making this purchase fun and enjoyable. Finally, thank you for your time, efforts and patience. Happy carving & smoking... PEACE

posted 01/28/2018

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Thomas Ferguson

My Lee Van Cleef arrived today. Beautifully packaged and only nine days to Australia. So pleased with the pipe. Your service was so prompt, I would highly recommend Altinok.

posted 01/08/2018

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David King

Sinan and I had several discussions via email about the pipe Davorin Adriatic briar DD1030. I found him to be a genuine individual, honest, personable and just a real gentleman in his business dealings. When I received my pipe I was blown away with it. The piece looked better in person than the photos showed. It arrived bundled in 3 layers of bubble wrap the stem was separate and wrapped the box was filled with foam peanuts, The care taken was top notch. Thank you Sinan.

Sinan is a good man. He and I will do business again for another Davorin. Davorin morta pipes are unquestionably the best made, best quality morta and I now have 14 Davorins in my collection thanks to Sinan.

posted 12/27/2017

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