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John Offerdahl

The lovely pipe is in my hands. I’m thrilled to have it. As I said, never before have I seen such a pipe. I feel honored by the opportunity to own such a fascinating piece and send my thanks!

posted 06/05/2019

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Yusaku Kobayashi

New companion arrived in good shape.


After several pipes starter, I am really enjoying your pipe.
I don’t have long cleaner, so I haven’t try long stem yet.

Light weight, Bowl and Shank dry very fast, and smoke extremely smooth and comfortable.
I do really appreciate your carefully craft, This is ART.
(Please let me say it is better than one I broke)
If you can make stem more thinner, it would be more better.

I hope it can enjoy the smoke with your excellent pipe.

Warmest regards with million thanks

posted 06/02/2019

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Great pipes and even better service, thank you Sinan!

posted 04/25/2019

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Carl Newton

Just received my meerschaum 'cobra' duel stem pipe, and just smoked it for the first time. I can only say that the pipe is an outstanding and beautiful piece of art and smokes very well also. The service from Altinok is also first class.

posted 04/25/2019

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Russell Walters

Thank you so much for the "Twin Owls" pipe - It is a beautiful piece of art!!

posted 03/21/2019

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