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Bruce Basler

We just got back from the post office and the Bacchus arrived in perfect shape, just as you packed it!! It is beautiful! My wife and I are so impressed with the incredible quality of all three pipes! I'm so glad I discovered your store! I've never seen meerschaum pipes of this quality in person, only in pictures. They are truly magnificent works of art! Thank you so much for the personal touch you've given, it has been a very pleasurable experience doing business with you!

posted 08/17/2020

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Gerald Campe

I just received my Davorin Morta Calabash Pipe with Altinok Block Meerschaum Bowl and couldn't be happier. When I first introduced myself to Sinan there were no pipes of this style that were available for purchase. We discussed the various features that I would like to have if I were to order a pipe and he said he would contact me when one became available. The result is an absolutely gorgeous pipe that has exceeded all of my expectations and showcases the talents of the Master Carvers involved in creating it. The quality and craftsmanship of the case is equally outstanding.
As evidenced above, Sinan provides superior customer service which translates to a pleasant shopping experience. I would recommend Altinok Pipes to anyone who is looking to purchase one of their unique and outstanding pipes.

posted 04/18/2020

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Jay Jech

I received the Behelit pipe today. It's even more beautiful in person! It's also much bigger than I expected, but that is very much appreciated. It packs a large pipe that lasts for many hours. And Meerschaum is a pleasure compared to briar root; I can see why they once called it white gold! Thanks so much for this. I wish you the best for the future, and I will keep you in mind for any future pipe needs.

posted 03/08/2020

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Thomas V Rosati

Wow! I just received my Altinok Planet Earth pipe! It is absolutely exquisite. It was much larger than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. It's amazing how the continents were carved on the pipe. Very impressive. I can't wait to smoke this beauty. Sinan said that delivery would be fast, and he sure wasn't kidding. The pipe was shipped on Monday, and I received it on Thursday, the same week! Thanks Sinan was another masterpiece!

posted 01/17/2020

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Lou Sicurezza

Your craftsmanship just arrived. Needless to say am quite thrilled with my new possession. Can’t decide on first bowlful, may be my own blend of Izmir Turkish and Black Cavendish. No matter what, thank you for making these pipes available.

posted 11/10/2019

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