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Gudrun Kopp

We have received the pipe in Good order in Switzerland and are more than satisfied with the make of the pipe. For the smoke i will wait for the sunset to inaugurate. I trust it will match the effort you have put into in making this pipe.

posted 08/07/2019

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Janmax Koning

I am very satisfied the way it looks, and can't wait for my first smoke. Thanks for all the attention you did spend to ease my mind. A very happy customer, Janmax.

posted 07/05/2019

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Jack Falls

I wanted to write and let you know that my pipe has arrived safely. Never have I seen such a beautiful calabash! Simply spectacular! After I get a chance to smoke it for the first time, I shall be certain to post an excellent review! Thank you for the excellent customer service and for offering some of the most impressive pipes in the world in your shop.

posted 07/05/2019

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Bruce Spaccarotella

This pipe is an absolute jewel, great draw, takes a cleaner without resistance, engineering is top notch. The stone is without blemish and silver work top notch.
Communication and shipping were perfect. I highly recommend this company for there beautiful workmanship and great customer service.
Thank you Sinan.

posted 06/28/2019

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John Offerdahl

The lovely pipe is in my hands. I’m thrilled to have it. As I said, never before have I seen such a pipe. I feel honored by the opportunity to own such a fascinating piece and send my thanks!

posted 06/05/2019

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