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José Fernández Ventura

I am delighted to write a testimonial for you as you are one of the most conscientious, honest and sincere merchants it has been my pleasure to do business with. I only wish that your goodwill and striving to give customer satisfaction could be marketed as, alas, I am afraid there is not much of that to be found anywhere anymore. I really wish you a long lasting success and prosperity!!

posted Nov 25, 04

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Mike Boucher

I just ordered my second pipe from you and am looking forward receiving it. Let me say yours are by far the best Meerschaum pipes I have smoked. I look forward to buying many more in the future.

posted Nov 20, 04

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Joel Nepper

I received the pipes four days ago and just smoke them everyday, the finish is great. Like you say: it is worth the wait. Thank you Altinok!

posted Nov 18, 04

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Jorge Salim Habib

I've been smoking for years, and I think that Altinok are the world's greatest pipes! Here in Brazil they are not very common, so I have to order them by the internet or travel to Turkey myself to buy them.

posted Oct 23, 04

Daniel Chlebove

Learned about you from Yahoo pipe chat group. Great products, and workmanship...prices too. I'll be making a purchase in the near future.

posted Oct 17, 04

Masayuki Hoshiko

Dear sir, on 17/12/2004 I received my pipe. What a beautiful pipe! Thank you very much!

posted Oct 11, 04

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Alan Wenderoff

My pipe arrived about a week ago and I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. Not only does it provide a good cool smoke, but it is truly a work of art. Please send my thanks to the artisan who carved it. You have made a loyal customer. Thanks.

posted Sep 24, 04

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Kevin Weir

Dear Friends, A beautiful pipe, beautifully presented. My compliments, and thanks. Best regards.

posted Sep 23, 04

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Koichi Hoshi

Thank you very much. Your work is very very wonderful. So, I'm now thinking my next order from you. I've never seen a beautiful pipe like this before. Thank you very much. My bonus will be paid in August. Then I will order from you again!!! Thank you my friends.

posted Sep 21, 04

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David Dushane

Dear Sir, I just received my pipe today. I must say, you guys really out did ourselves!!!!!!! What a WORK OF ART!!!!! You were right! It was worth waiting for! Thank You Very Much!

posted Aug 28, 04

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