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Steve Winslow

I own 6 Altinok meers and they are all great smokers with excellent fit and finish. I bought my first one shortly after Sinan went into business 4 or 5 years ago, and I just bought several from him when I had the pleasure of meeting him in person last May at the Chicago Pipe Show. He's a great guy with a sense of humor and a great personality.

posted Nov 09, 05

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Herman Friedman

Fabulously good looking works of art can hardly wait to order one.

posted Oct 24, 05

Eddie Cheong

It is amazing how good your company is, not only providing good quality products but also in communication and services, I think all internet company should follow your business model.

posted Oct 07, 05

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Endre Nahoczky

I've just received the "Jasmine". This is the most beautiful pipe I've ever seen. I'm considering that I will buy another Altinok pipes.

posted Oct 06, 05

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Norman Sharp

I am so glad to hold the object of desire at long last. And how beautiful it is! I mean, you have some great pictures on your web-site, but what a difference it is, to hold it by the own hands... It´s just gorgeous! So, please let Mr. Gezer know about my personal gratefulness for cutting this perfect piece of art for me.

posted Oct 06, 05

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LeRoy Bratton

Dear Friends, I got the second pipe that I ordered from you yesterday. It is a very beautiful and well constructed pipe. It smokes very good as well. Thanks!

posted Oct 04, 05

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It certainly is nice to know that there are pipes so exquisitely crafted. I am glad I have found this e-store.

posted Oct 01, 05

David Nott

Thanks gentlemen for my pipe, a simple calabash but a great smoke. You will certainly be hearing from me soon for other orders now that I know that I can have confidence in your very professional service.

posted Sep 11, 05

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Nicholas Christiano

I received my pipe safely this morning. You were absolutely correct when you said I would not be disappointed - I AM DELIGHTED WITH IT! The quality of the workmanship is as good as it gets. I cannot imagine how many manhours it took to make. I will definitely be buying more of your pipes - in fact, I will probably become a collector. Thanks for all you help and please pass on my thanks to Sevket for the beautiful pipe he has made for me - I AM IN AWE OF THE MAN!!!

posted Sep 02, 05

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John B. Goss III

Dear Altinok pipes, I just got my Flying Dragon in the mail, compliments of Mr. Gezer, and it is the most amazing pipe I have ever gazed upon. It is my first meerschaum pipe and I can tell you right now it will not be my last. It is truly a site to behold, it even made my father jealous. Thank you again, I hope to order again from you.

posted Sep 02, 05

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