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Jack Dempsey

Your pipes are truly works of art. I have had great pleasure just looking at the excellent Quality photographs on your site. Sometime I will own one of these beautiful treasures. Until then there is still the joy of looking forward to that day.

posted Aug 21, 05

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Patricia Keever

I received my order today and am just amazed at the beauty of these pipes. It is by far the best workmanship I have seen. My husband David will be extremely happy to add these to his collection. Thanks very much!

posted Aug 10, 05

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Hikmat Faraj

This is the first time I visit your site. Great shapes and I can tell they are good quality. I will be buying soon. I have just starting my meerschaum collection.

posted Aug 06, 05

Siegfried Zechner

Dear Sirs from Altinok Pipes, I just received my Azalea pipe today in the mail. It is truly a beautiful, fantastic pipe and it was perfectly packed! Thank you very much for a great job! Best regards to the people at Altinok Pipes.

posted Jul 23, 05

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Mauro Bussola

Very beautiful pipes..I'm planning to buy some. Greetings from Italy.

posted Jul 13, 05

Oscar Sjoegren

Dear Sir, I just received my new pipe today in the mail. The pipe is very nice and it has already been smoked. Thank you!

posted Jul 12, 05

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Paul M.Woeller

Beautiful pipes

posted Jul 02, 05

Patrick Hein

Hello, I received my pipe today and it truly was worth the wait! It is beautiful! I can see why Sevket is so highly regarded as a carver. I can also see why you have such a fine reputation on ASP. Your product and service is first rate. Thanks Again!

posted May 03, 05

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Gregory John Broadhead

I think that my Flying Dragon pipe will be passed down the generations and become a family heirloom. Thank You!

posted Apr 15, 05

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David Nott

Hello Sinan, received my calabash today and I close... tomorrow!... so every thing is FINE ! Thanks again for your great service. Will be smoking the pipe this evening and will certainly be buying some carved ones soon.

posted Apr 14, 05

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