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John A. Vecchio

I just received my pipe yesterday. You were right, it was well worth the wait. Give my regards to your artist M. Kara. For me, the pipe is just the right size and very light. His workmanship was excellent. I haven't smoked it yet, but if it smokes anywhere near to how it looks, it will quickly become one of my favorite pipes. Also for you to know is is my retirement present from my wife. I am retiring on 1 Oct 04 and am glad I chose this pipe, especially now that I have seen it. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

posted Aug 28, 04

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Bill Otten

My King Tuta pipe arrived today...and it is simply incredible! Exquisite detail, beautifully carved, it will be most enjoyable to have and smoke. I liked being able to periodically check on my pipe's progress and within days after seeing that the pipe had finished and was shipped, it arrived in perfect condition and very well packaged. Thanks again for a piece of artistry I'm sure to enjoy.

posted Aug 28, 04

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Dainis Turaids

Hello! Thank you again for your prompt replies. Started smoking the pipe and it is indeed wonderful. All the best

posted May 31, 04

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Hiroshi Shigetomi

Hello, Thank you very much! I received the pipe today. Beautiful churchwarden, lattice bowl and marble long stem charmed me. I'll order another one soon.

posted Apr 28, 04

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Dennis Loo

Aloha, Approximately six months ago I purchased a Bailey's Delight Pipe and have not smoked another pipe since. I am extremely impressed with the quality and the service I received.

posted Mar 12, 04

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Azman Ibrahim

I received the pipes yesterday, and I must say that I am impressed with the packaging as well as the workmanship. It took a bit of time, but it was worth the wait. However, I do wish that in future regular updates could be given to the customer on the status of the order. I shall continue to purchase my pipes from Altinok in the future.

posted Feb 26, 04

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Shannon of Sioux City

I received the pipe last week in perfect shape. I purchased the pipe as a gift for a friend. The Dragon pipe (ME960) carved by I. Baglan is very impressive. The detail is outstanding. It's the best smoking pipe he's ever owned and gets a lot of comments on it. I look forward to placing more orders with you in the future. It's nice to find a company that has excellent service and truly cares about their customers. Keep up the excellent work! I'll be referring your company to everyone!

posted Feb 25, 04

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Richard Wolf

I received my ME804 Flying Dragon pipe today and I am truly in awe of the beauty of the pipe. I am grateful to have the opportunity to own this work of art. Please convey my thanks to Mr. Sevket and tell him I will be ordering another of his pipes in the near future. Thank you very much.

posted Jan 30, 04

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Joseph Knight

The Pumpkin pipe finally arrived and it is beautiful! I am so happy, you truly are the finest carvers of meerschaum, please give me heartfelt thanks to the carver and continues success for you all. Much thanks!

posted Dec 09, 03

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Sean Harribance

I just received my order and all I have to say is wow! The craftsmanship is amazing and I got alot more than I previously thought. The smoke is excellent. Job well done!

posted Oct 22, 03

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