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James Olinsky

My pipes arrived today and all i can say is many, many thanks for such a great job. The workmanship is immaculate, Mr. M. Yilmaz is a genuine professional who carved my pipes, i hope you are able to send my thanks to him please. Best regards to the people at Altinok Pipe, you will be the first to know anytime i need more pipes!

posted Sep 23, 03

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Vincent Mahy

Two days ago, I received my very first meerschaum pipe - an ME144 that a friend had ordered for me - and I must admit that it's fantastic! The careful delivery, the beauty of that pure, white meerschaum, the incredibly cool and pure smoke... just perfect! This is the first pipe that has given me the tobacco's pure taste... and for such a very low price! Keep up the good work over there in Ankara!

posted May 10, 03

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James Stansbury

I received your beautiful pipe today as a Christmas present. The elephant design and the intricate carving is all that you said it would be. The fit and finish is perfect. I have smoked it once and it performed like a dream. Thank you for exceeding my expectations! Happy Holidays!

posted Feb 11, 03

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Mike Nixon "Town Crier"

My churchwarden pipe arrived this morning - St.Valentine's Day - and it was love at first sight! I cannot express too highly my admiration for the skill of your handcarver. A true artisan of this caliber is very hard to find anywhere these days. The meerschaum bowl is absolutely perfect - as might be expected with an Altinok pipe. However, the question that all are asking is how on earth was the 25cm long, curved stem drilled with such precision? This is not just a pipe - it is a work of art, as is the custom made leather-bound case it came in. It therefore comes as no surprise to find that this pipe has already given me the smoothest, coolest smoke in my life, right from the very first puff. Thank you all at Altinok for your outstanding craftsmanship and superb service.

posted Feb 07, 03

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Michael Cancellieri

I have just received my Sultan Reshid pipe from Altinok. I must say that I am exceedingly pleased with its quality. The extraordinarily talented artist who carved my pipe did not spare the merest detail. The pipe is an expression of beauty and craftsmanship. I was also very pleasantly surprised with the speedy delivery. My pipe arrived (in The United States) in less than two weeks from its departure from Ankara, half way across the world. I simply cannot believe the high level of quality and service Altinok provides for such conservative prices. I look forward to adding more Altinok pipes to my collection. Many thanks.

posted Jan 09, 03

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Chuck Whitt

You have worked nonstop to insure that my pipe was exactly what I wanted.

posted Dec 28, 02

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Angela & Jason Akey

I just received my Dunhill carved meerschaum, and love it. My wife ordered the pipe for me for Christmas, the carving is more than what I could have hoped for and the delivery was quick and securely wrapped. I will soon be ordering again, thank you for a superior product and thank M. Kara for extraordinary craftsmanship.

posted Dec 21, 02

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Jesus Garces

Now I'm the happiest client of Altinok Pipes. As you say in your web site, "Satisfaction 100% guaranteed". Thank you very much and don't doubt that I will buy more pipes in Altinok in a near future and my friends too. I'm a member of the VPC, a virtual pipe club in Spain and will tell right now every body the superb service of Altinok Pipes!

posted Dec 20, 02

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Fisher Yu

I got the pipes yesterday, and I am very happy with them. As you said, "it's worth waiting". I will make a new order soon. Thank you for your good work and service.

posted Nov 30, 02

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KJ Rual

I have received my calabash today. It's truly a work of art. Please convey my compliments to your carver artist. His gift of craftsmanship has truly honored me and given an old man great pleasure indeed.

posted Nov 30, 02

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