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Joel Nepper

I received the pipes four days ago and just smoke them everyday, the finish is great. Like you say: it is worth the wait. Thank you Altinok!

posted 11/18/2004

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Jorge Salim Habib

I've been smoking for years, and I think that Altinok are the world's greatest pipes! Here in Brazil they are not very common, so I have to order them by the internet or travel to Turkey myself to buy them.

posted 10/23/2004

Daniel Chlebove

Learned about you from Yahoo pipe chat group. Great products, and workmanship...prices too. I'll be making a purchase in the near future.

posted 10/17/2004

Masayuki Hoshiko

Dear sir, on 17/12/2004 I received my pipe. What a beautiful pipe! Thank you very much!

posted 10/11/2004

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Alan Wenderoff

My pipe arrived about a week ago and I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. Not only does it provide a good cool smoke, but it is truly a work of art. Please send my thanks to the artisan who carved it. You have made a loyal customer. Thanks.

posted 09/24/2004

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