Tekin Gok

Tekin Gok

I was born in 1974 in Eskisehir. I am married with two sons. I started carving meerschaum pipes in my early ages as an apprentice of master artisan Sevket Gezer and have to admit that I learned almost everything from him. Then, I continued learning from another master carver Salim Sener who is also my uncle. I have been carving for 25 years now and I like to carve floral themes mostly. In the last two years, I have directed myself to carve special classic pipes. For the past two years, I have developed a new system on meerschaum pipes. Now, I am using briar type Teflon tenon system on my pipes and acrylic stems on most pipes. Happy puffing.

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Tomato by Tekin Gok   ..


Tomato Lattice

Tomato Lattice by Tekin Gok   ..


Tomato Lattice with Smoke Room

Tomato Lattice by Tekin Gok   This pipe has a new feature; smo..



Tulip by Tekin Gok   ..