Ismail Baglan

Ismail Baglan

Ismail was born in 1958 in Eskisehir which is the capital of meerschaum world. He took his first carving lessons from his brother, Kemal Baglan, starting from 1970. Ismail is father of three kids and three grandkids. Two duaghters have B.Sc degree already while the son is continuing to have his degree in mechanical engineering. Ismail Baglan has always been one of the most popular carvers because of his amazing style and technics.

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Skull & Eagle

Skull & Eagle by Ismail Baglan   ..


Skull in Claws

Skull in Claws by Ismail Baglan   ..


The Fish

The Fish by Ismail Baglan   ..


The Skull

The Skull by Ismail Baglan   ..


The Winery

The Winery by Ismail Baglan   ..


Viking Warrior

Viking Warrior by Ismail Baglan   ..