Marine Corps - 1st Sgt

 Producer: Sinan Altinok

An Altinok pipe is actually a conclusion of many works done by many talented people involved. Those are the carvers, silversmith, case maker, sandpaperman, stem maker. I`m deeply thankful each of them at heart to keep our business alive for more than 16 years.

Marine Corps - 1st Sgt


This special pipe was made as a commissioned order for one of our customers.


  • Made of premium block meerschaum
  • Sterling silver rings with 925K hallmark
  • Acrylic stem, dark red, wider opening for better airflow
  • Multilayer yellow beeswax
  • Black teflon tenon imported from Germany (ø4 mm)
  • Wide draft hole (ø4.5 mm)
  • Quality fitted hard case lined with white velvet
  • Solid brass case hinges imported from Germany
 The pipe you see is the pipe you receive

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Marine Corps - 1st Sgt

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