New African Calabash (9 mm filter)

 Producer: Sinan Altinok

An Altinok pipe is actually a conclusion of many works done by many talented people involved. Those are the carvers, silversmith, case maker, sandpaperman, stem maker. I`m deeply thankful each of them at heart to keep our business alive for more than 22 years.

African calabash with Block Meerschaum Bowl


This calabash pipe offers an excellent smoking experience by its premium block meerschaum bowl on top of an African Okoumé wood (Aucoumea Klaineana) body. As you may know, Okoumé wood came into prominence as the real African gourd becomes less in the nature. Although it is a little bit heavier than gourd, Okoumé wood provides almost same smoking quality as its competitor does. Normally, these kind of calabashes used to pair with a pressed bowl instead of block meerschaum. For a long time, we only attach block meerschaum bowls to our calabash pipes which makes a great difference in every aspect. Block meerschaum helps tobacco burn in lower temperatures, very light in weight, much better resistance to excessive heat, good coloring behavior (fake one never colors by the way). As for why a calabash pipe is so good in smoking, main thing is that it has a big chamber right under the bowl which is the most important part to get the smoke cool and dry, I call it inter-cooler! The smoke even then gets cooler and drier while traveling all the way through the long stem. The result; cool, dry and pure taste of your blend!

Size data

Pipe height


3.6" (9.0 cm)
Bowl height


1.4" (3.5 cm)
Bowl diameter


2.3" (6.0 cm)
Chamber diameter


0.74" (19 mm)
Chamber depth


1.1" (2.7 cm)
Overall length


7.6" (19 cm)
Pipe weight


2.7 oz (76 gr)
Filter size


9 mm
  • Body made of African okoumé wood
  • Bowl made of premium block meerschaum
  • Multilayer natural beeswax
  • Lucite stem
  • Bowl sits in a tight cork and removable when needed
  • Quality fitted hard case lined with white velvet
  • Solid brass case hinges imported from Germany
  • 9 mm filter room
 The pipe you see is the pipe you receive

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African Calabash (9 mm filter)

  • US$ 359.00

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